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May 16 — Vyshyvanka Day

May 16 — Vyshyvanka Day

Ukrainian embroidery is recognized all over the world, it is also called the "code of the nation". The oldest motifs of embroidery are geometric figures, patterns of Tryplian culture. The first fragments of ornaments were wavy lines, zigzags, dots and circles, rhombuses and other patterns. Even in the creation of Ukrainian embroidery, various ancient techniques are used: puncture, shape stitch, herringbone stitch, attached stitch, "rope stitch", "armor stitch" and "jewel stitch". The embroidery technique "glad" is very popular throughout Ukraine, "retyaz" is used more often in the western part of our country. A big step in the popularization of embroidery and vyshyvanka as everyday clothing among the intelligentsia was made by Ivan Franko. He was the first to boldly combine Ukrainian embroidery and a business style of clothing. Currently, many people follow the example of I. Franko.

Vyshyvanka Day - when and how it is celebrated

The main attribute of Vyshyvanka Day is, of course, an embroidered shirt. She is the symbol of identification of the Ukrainian nation. When is Vyshyvanka Day celebrated: Every year, on the third Thursday of May, Ukraine celebrates a holiday designed to preserve the traditions of the Ukrainian people, as well as national clothing. Vyshyvanka is a real shrine for Ukrainians. These clothes symbolize power, beauty and memory of the family. Vyshyvanka has a centuries-old history, but today it is a fashionable and very stylish garment.

Vyshyvanka day

Vyshyvanka Day 2024 will be celebrated on the sixteenth of May, this holiday is not tied to any national holiday. The holiday originated as a flash mob — it was initiated by a student of Chernivtsi University, Lesya Voronyuk. The first event took place in 2006, the number of participants was small. The Ukrainian diaspora popularized the holiday all over the world, then World Vyshyvanka Day appeared - a day when Ukrainians living in 70 countries of the world wear Vyshyvankas.

Vyshyvanka Day in Ukraine is celebrated in different ways — concerts, various contests, festivals, exhibitions, master classes, sales and everything related to embroidery are held. Some interesting facts about embroidery and embroidery:

  • In 2012, a record was set, which was entered into the National Register of Records of Ukraine — in the city of Rivne, the largest number of people in embroidered dresses was recorded, six thousand five hundred and seventy people;

  • 2011 - one of the sewing enterprises of Ukraine sewed the largest embroidered cloth measuring four by ten meters, which decorated the central building of the Chernivtsi University named after Yu. Fedkovich;

  • The most expensive embroidery was presented in 2013, at the Sorochyn fair, its price was ten thousand hryvnias;

  • Andrii Shevchenko was the first media person to appear live in Vyshyvanka, and other media Ukrainians supported this tradition;

  • Ukrainian national clothes appeared in the collections of famous brands and designers — Dior, Gucci, Valentino, as well as Dolce&gabbana;

  • Ukrainian vyshyvankas are worn by world-famous stars — Madonna, Demi Moore, Claudia Schiffer and others, vyshyvankas became especially popular after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia;

  • "Cross" began to be embroidered only in the nineteenth century, up to that time there were popular — top stitch, bottom stitch, goat stitch and other stitches;

  • Embroiderers have their professional holiday, which is celebrated on the seventeenth of December;

  • The threads for the "white on white" technique were prepared for three years, the cloth was woven, and then the threads were bleached on the river bank, where the threads burned to a snow-white shade;

  • Before the appearance of artificial dyes, embroiderers used exclusively natural dyes in the form of decoctions, tinctures of herbs, bark, flowers, fruit juice, fixed the color with the help of dough;

  • The first school of embroidery was created during the times of Kievan Rus in the eleventh century. Anna was the founder of Volodymyr Monomakh's sister. The school taught the art of embroidering with gold and silver;

  • The most original Ukrainian vyshyvanka is "borschivska". Such shirts are embroidered only with black threads.

Vyshyvanka day

The best way to celebrate this holiday is to put on a shirt and wear it all day, whether at work or school. May 16 is Vyshyvanka Day — during the war, a large number of craftsmen sell Vyshyvanka and the collected funds will be donated to the needs of the Armed Forces. The holiday, which students began to celebrate, is now considered one of the important dates in the calendar.

For a long time, Ukrainians have believed that the vyshyvanka is endowed with great power, which protects against evil and evil, and also works miracles. In ritual songs, it is said that embroidery is a kind of code - happiness and fate, life and will.

Interesting facts: the oldest sample of vyshyvanka was found in the Mykolaiv region, it was purple embroidered with gold, with fragments of Sarmatian clothing. The find dates back to the first millennium AD. Poltava embroidery - "white on white" is considered the most complex embroidery technique. Polychrome and multi-colored embroidered jackets were worn in Transcarpathia, Bukovina, and Hutsul region.

Vysyvanka went through a rather "thorny path", now it is a model of patriotism and unity for millions of Ukrainians. Today, almost every patriot has a festive embroidered shirt in his wardrobe. Before the embroidery day, you can prepare gifts and greetings for all your loved ones and acquaintances - embroidered clothes, towels, tablecloths, paintings and other things.

Vyshyvanka day

Happy Vyshyvanka Day in verse

In the morning they got up before dawn,

They put on an embroidered dress.

This is how people came into the world:

Show how much we love Nenka.

Tell how we appreciate

We protect and appreciate.

Happy Ukrainian Vyshyvanka Day!


Our design code of the nation

Deserves a standing ovation.

So don't forget to wear it

Even if you're wearing a Vyshyvanka today.

Happy Vyshyvanka Day!


Although the ornament is different,

We are called Ukrainians.

We are not united by territory,

And our history is glorious.

Congratulations on the Day of Vyshyvanka.


Wear an embroidered shirt today

Come to her office in the morning.

You don't have to say anything anymore

We will know what is not Moscow.

Happy Vyshyvanka Day!


Today, even tanks

let's wear embroidered shirts.

Happy Vyshyvanka Day!


Happy Vyshyvanka Day in prose

May the year be as bright as the embroidery on your shirt. Let life be as kind as today. Let the sun warm and the moon show the way even in the darkest night. Happy Vyshyvanka Day!


Happy Vyshyvanka Day! We are free, strong and indomitable. Only such people are worthy to wear embroidered shirts.


I want to change camouflage to embroidered. Wear it every day so that children and grandchildren remember how strong and indomitable our people are. Happy Vyshyvanka Day!


Ukrainian traditions are the best. Wear your embroidered shirt in the morning so the whole world knows about it. Ukrainian people are the most beautiful. Smile when you walk in it around the city, so that they smile back at you. Happy Vyshyvanka Day!


I love you because you are Ukrainian. I appreciate it because he wore an embroidered shirt. Thank you for being proud to work for her. Happy Vyshyvanka Day!


Poems for Vyshyvanka Day

My mother embroidered for me

Shirt with flowers.

Flowers are beautiful, spring:

- Put it on, son!

In the thread - the sun is golden,

The petals are crimson,

Mother's weed is blooming

In that embroidery.

I'll take the embroidery

I'll get dressed quickly

I will come and hug you

I am my mother.

V. Kryshchenko


Mother Sun was embroidering

on the shirts of sons and daughters,

so that the sun shines in the soul,

so that the children grow bright.

My niece embroidered acorns

also strong oak leaves.

So that sons grow strong in spirit,

steady and courageous, like oaks!

My little daughter's little viburnum blossoms,

may their glorious family have happiness,

that daughters and sons were born,

to protect everyone's flower from trouble.

Oh dear, oh abundant

growing up, young lady!

Flowers and berries are good for children.

All the fruits of the soul - to the world for warmth.

Galina Rymar



When I wash my mother

And bowls and spoons,

Mom will give me a shirt

Embroidered with flowers.

And I will be polite,

I will learn everything at school

It's my grandmother's cloth

He will bring the fabric.

I gather in the forest

Aunt fungi,

Aunt will give necklaces

Fifty lines.

And I will help Bill

Wash my sister

My sister will give it to me

Two good tapes.

And the beds of ash,

Father at the end

Buy me in the city

Good zhupanets.

I will still go to the field

And a bunch of flowers,

And I myself can do it

I will weave a wreath.

And I'll wear all this

The whole world will say:

— Here is a Ukrainian woman

Like a poppy flower!

Lesya Khraplyva-Schur


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