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Air raid alert map online


One can argue for a long time whether enemy cruise missiles, artillery shells, barrage munitions and drones fall on residential buildings on purpose, or whether it is problems with the accuracy of guidance, but there is no practical sense in this. At the first sounds of the air alarm, you must in any case go to the shelter. The problem is that civil notification systems are still functioning normally in far from all populated areas of our country. Therefore, many residents of Ukraine are forced to use interactive maps of air alarms, one of the best of which is the one presented on

What is an air alert map?

In short, this is an interactive map of Ukraine, which displays in real time the places where air alarms are currently active. Information about them is collected from various sources, most often - several official and a couple not so much - for a more complete picture. All this is enough to get a rough idea of the situation. However, some similar maps, in particular, the map of air alarms presented at, have significant additional functionality.

What functionality does the air alert map have?

  • Description of symbols. Visual representation is clearer than text, but you need to understand what exactly this or that color or symbol means.

  • List of air alerts in various cities, regions and communities in the form of a news feed with date, time and duration. Both currently active warnings and those that have already expired are indicated. Plus separate lists both by types of threats and by sources of information. You can view the list of alarms directly by region separately.

  • Statistics in which you can view the number and duration of air alerts, as well as mine threats by region per month. You can also view this information about each specific day.

  • The same statistics, but in the form of graphs.

  • Frequently asked questions And a clarification that this air alert map is not an official source of information, although it uses data obtained from those sources. Plus contacts for communication in order to indicate errors, make suggestions and correct information.

  • Ability to choose a language. The list includes English, German, Polish, Japanese and Crimean Tatar. Characteristically, there is no language of the aggressor country.

  • Mini card. A pop-up window in the corner of the screen on top of the rest. With a changeable scale and simplified functionality - for constant monitoring of the situation without the need to find a tab.

  • Minimalistic mode - only visual symbols without additional buttons.

  • Night/day mode.

  • History. With the ability to change the playback speed and go to any moment in time.

  • A news feed directly related to air strikes and mine threats.

  • Additional settings. You can choose different themes, different color combinations, display explosion messages and causes of air alarms and other useful information. You can also increase the detail of the map or remove some channels from the information sources.

So. The map of air alarms, in addition to its main task - warning people about potential threats, also performs an important secondary task - collecting statistics. And providing it to everyone who wants it in the most visual way possible.

Key benefits of using an online air alert map:

  1. Real-time missile threat information: Learn about the latest messages and alerts as they occur, ensuring you can respond safely to any dangerous situation.

  2. Personalized settings: You can easily set individual notification settings according to your place of residence and personal requirements.

  3. Geographical Accuracy: Learn how accurate geodata can help you easily pinpoint event locations and assess the level of danger in specific areas.

  4. Mobile access: Protect yourself anytime, anywhere with convenient access to the air alert map on your smartphone or tablet.


Despite the fact that most of the functions with which the map of air alarms of Ukraine from is equipped are not really needed by ordinary people, this does not make it any less useful. After all, the information there is provided quickly, accurately and reliably. Therefore, although it cannot be used as the only source of information, it is still good as an additional one. Therefore, if our air alert map advises you to take shelter, even though there is no official warning yet, you should at least be prepared to act. And even better - go to a safe place, just in case. After all, ignoring such warnings may well cost you your health, if not your life.

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