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TOP 10 movies of 2024: The most anticipated premieres worth going to the cinema for

TOP 10 movies of 2024: The most anticipated premieres worth going to the cinema for

Another strike of the scriptwriters guild of Hollywood is over, so new movie premieres are expected in cinemas soon. And according to experts' forecasts - very good. So Guide Online today will tell you about the most anticipated films of 2024.

1. "Dune: Part Two"

In the cinema from February 29.

Dune: Part Two trailer

Many moviegoers were really waiting for the second part of the movie "Dune" by Denis Villeneuve. After all, the first part turned out to be surprisingly successful, although fans of the original book "Dune" by Frank Herbert were outraged by the simplification and some distortion of the original story. Other critics found the picture, although impressive, somewhat dragged out and with some lack of "action".

And the sequel will be interesting for them, because it promises to be much more dynamic - we will have to see the confrontation between the Harkonnen thieves and the local Fremen rebels, and also find out whether young Paul Atreides will withstand the fate that was prophesied to him. And where would we go without music by Hans Zimmer. So the new "Dune" can definitely be considered the most anticipated film of 2024.

2. "Ghostbusters 4: The Frozen Empire"

In the cinema from March 28.

Trailer Ghostbusters 4: The Frozen Empire

The "Ghostbusters" franchise has a very difficult fate. After the old tapes with Bill Murray, Dan Eikrond and others that became classics, there were several unsuccessful attempts at resuscitation. Well, as "unsuccessful" ... 56, 60 and 45 points on Metacritic. However, the audience received the third part much more warmly, which created the possibility of filming for the fourth. And that's where the problems started. First the Corona, then the screenwriters' strikes, then something else. Therefore, the premiere of the film, scheduled for the end of 2023, was postponed.

So, only at the end of March, we will find out whether the new and old teams of ghost hunters can together cope with the ghost, which can turn the whole city into a park of ice sculptures. And now many viewers and critics are wondering: will director Gil Kennan be able to at least not lower the bar set for him? This brings "Ice Empire" to the second place in our TOP films of 2024.

3. "Godzilla and Kong: The New Empire"

In the cinema from March 29.

Godzilla and Kong: The New Empire trailer

The success of Godzilla vs. Kong definitely guaranteed a sequel. And in 2022, it was officially announced. A significant part of the previous team was involved in the work on the new film, including director Adam Wingard. So we are waiting for a new page of the impressive MonsterVerse franchise, an additional revelation of the history of the world in general and Kong in particular, as well as the joint confrontation of two legendary monsters against a new threat. It is hoped that the film will repeat the success of the previous part. And it is this hope that brings "Godzilla and Kong" to the third place in the list of the most anticipated films of 2024.

4. "Furiosa: Mad Max. Saga"

In the cinema from May 23.

Furiosa: Mad Max trailer. Saga

Somewhere at the end of the filming of "Mad Max: Fury Road", the creators of the picture realized that they had enough material for several more films. However, it was not possible to take on them right away, even despite the crazy success of "Max". And only in 2020, filming of the sequel began. This time the focus is on the story of Furiosa, her past and future. She is only played by a new actress, Anya Taylor Joy. The result was a film that is definitely worth watching, since the creators do not plan to lower the level of epicness set by "Mad Max".

5. "Deadpool 3"

In the cinema from July 25.

Deadpool 3 trailer

The first and only Marvel movie in 2024. This could be the end of the story - this is already a reason to watch it. But we are promised the return of old favorite heroes. Almost everyone, and both from the Deadpool franchise and from the Marvel metauniverse in general. Plus Hugh Jackman's classic Wolverine.

But the main thing is the same "Deadpool" from Ryan Reynolds! With signature jokes, breaking the fourth wall and making fun of the superhero genre in general. In short, it definitely deserves a place in the TOP 10 films of 2024.

6. "Civil War"

In the cinema from April 24.

Trailer Civil War

Alex Garland's new film based on a hypothetical US Civil War scenario. The plot is quite interesting - the coming to power of a dictator in the USA is not recognized by all states, which is why Texas and California declare their independence. They are trying to dissuade them by military means, but it does not work. In response, the rebels move troops, air force and heavy equipment into Washington, overcoming serious resistance. With all the consequences - the bombing of peaceful cities, refugee camps, roadblocks and partial anarchy.

And against this background, the story of a team of journalists who intend to take the last interview with the president-dictator is revealed. Only for this they still need to get to Washington somehow. And survive. In short, the film is excellent, but we do not recommend it to the residents of Ukraine to watch - there is too much in it, from which we would at least somehow distract ourselves.

7. "The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes"

In the cinema from May 23.

The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes trailer

Continuation of the legendary franchise and an attempt at a future trilogy. The events take place several centuries after the plot of the previous film, so the apes have already had time to develop enough, and the people have gone wild. So much so that the roles are finally changing — now the world has a new master who is trying unsuccessfully to master the remnants of human technology. And against the background of all this unfolds the story of Noah, a chimpanzee who is able to become the savior not only of his appearance, but also of people. So, if you like this kind of science fiction with beautiful special effects and touching on complex social issues, you should definitely watch this movie.

8. "Bad Boys 4"

In the cinema from June 14.

Trailer Bad boys 4

All 3 parts were extremely successful, so it was decided to shoot the fourth. The same Will Smith and Martin Lawrence star, which is good. The directors are the same as in the third part, which is also good. So you can count on juicy action, successful jokes and an exciting story. And if you like this kind of cinema, you should definitely watch this movie.

9. "Argyle"

In the cinema from February 2

Argyle trailer

A comedy action movie, which critics have already dubbed "Ode to action movies of the 80s." According to the plot, the writer Ellie Conway, famous for writing espionage thrillers, begins to be pursued by real spies because her stories are too similar to local reality. The cast is also pleasing — Henry Cavill, Samuel L. Jackson, Bryan Cranston, John Cena ...

And there is also a cat, which plays a significant role in the plot. So this tape deservedly entered the list of the most anticipated films of 2024.

10. "Nosferatu"

In the cinema from December 25.

Nosferatu trailer

Remake of the legendary "Nosferatu" of 1922. Starring Bill Skarsgård, known to audiences for his many roles, including the sinister clown from It. The director is Robert Eggers, also known for his successful horror and epic films. And although the "gothic horror" genre is, to put it mildly, quite specific, with such a composition you can definitely count on a film worth watching.

This, of course, is far from a complete list of the most anticipated films of 2024. Personally, I, for example, am waiting for the release of "Borderlands" - just to make sure that the directors still do not manage to make a successful movie based on computer games. By the way, what new movies are you expecting this year? Share in the comments?

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