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How to find out your aura color and what it means

How to find out your aura color and what it means

There is a low-frequency electromagnetic field around every person. According to ancient spiritual practices, this energy field is called the aura. At the same time, the aura has several layers, and their color depends on our emotional and physical state. Guide Online tells how to find out the color of your aura by date of birth and what it indicates.

How to find out the color of the aura by date of birth?

According to esotericists, a person's aura is divided into 11 shades, each of which is responsible for personality and main character traits. In order to find out the color of your own aura, you should use a special calculation. But it is worth noting that such a calculation is quite relative and does not give a hundred percent correct result.

The fact is that the date of birth, according to modern numerology, determines only the innate features of a person and his inclination to certain types of activities and types of behavior. Which appear in the form of certain shades that dominate the aura. But in its pure form, all this is observed only in very young children, since the older a person becomes, the more the acquired experience begins to affect him. And additional ones begin to mix with the main color of the aura. However, the basis will not disappear anywhere, even if it manifests itself less than before.

You can "calculate" the color of the aura in the following way - add up all the numbers from your date of birth, and then bring the total to a single digit. Only two numbers - 11 and 22 - cannot be reduced to a single digit, as they have their own separate color.

So, for example, if you were born on November 13, 1991, you need to add the numbers 1+3+1+1+1+9+9+1 = 26. You need to add until you get a number from 1 to 12. Given that 26 is more than 12, you need to add 2 and 6. The result is the number 8. You can use it to find the color of your aura. It will be your "fate number" or "life path number". And it is by it that you can determine what color your aura is.

The meaning of the colors of the aura


photo of aura

Each of the colors of the aura is unique and has its own characteristics and character traits that prevail in a person. But it is worth remembering that under the influence of various factors, the color may change over time, new shades may be added to it.

Red Aura (Number 1)

red aura photo

People with a red aura are purposeful, ambitious, and look at life in a positive light. Even in unfavorable conditions, they always find a way out of the situation and do not lose optimism.

They are used to always getting their way. Owners of a red aura usually have a rather sensual nature, but this does not prevent them from showing aggression if the situation requires it. But even more often - if he does not need it. Unfortunately, individuals with a dominant red aura are prone to impulsive actions, jealousy, self-centeredness, and vindictiveness. However, their purposefulness allows them to learn to control themselves. If they want it, of course.

Yellow aura (number 2)

Creative personalities who are always full of original ideas and know how to see the beautiful in everyday life have a yellow aura. In addition, people with a yellow (solar) aura know how to express themselves and gather many friends and supporters around them. Eloquence, openness, sociability and high intelligence help them in this.

In addition, they are very popular with the opposite sex. As for shortcomings, this color of the aura often means frivolity, superficiality and a lack of persistence. Therefore, it is very useful for such people to work in a team, where there will definitely be those who can bring their ideas to a logical conclusion and find their practical application.

Orange aura (number 3)

The orange aura is responsible for a person's health and emotional state. Usually, owners of an orange aura are kind, sensitive and sociable people who are always ready to help friends and acquaintances. At the same time, they often underestimate themselves and face misunderstanding on the part of others because of their uniqueness.

And in today's world, too much empathy and a tendency to altruism can also be considered disadvantages. After all, these qualities are also characteristic of those whose aura color is orange.

Green aura (number 4)

Owners of a green aura are characterized by such character traits as compassion, trustworthiness, and sentimentality. At the same time, they feel like a fish in water in any circumstances. And owners of a green aura are characterized by irresistible optimism, which can be called their best feature. And they just adore communication.

But at the same time, they are also characterized by frivolity, stubbornness and excessive sensitivity. Despite their sociability, it is quite difficult for them to build close relationships, so the search for a soul mate for people whose aura color is green often drags on for a long time.

Blue aura (number 5)

People with a blue aura like to travel, they often give useful advice to others and are always busy searching for the meaning of life. They rarely stay at home, preferring to travel to distant countries and study other cultures and customs. In addition to a tendency to adventure, such people are distinguished by a clear mind and creative abilities.

The main problem of people whose aura color is blue is impermanence. It is very difficult for them to choose one thing in their life, to dedicate themselves to a single goal. In addition, although they know a lot, their knowledge is almost always superficial.

Blue aura (number 6)

People with a blue aura can be called very responsible, self-confident and scrupulous. When doing some actions, they are guided by the principles of humanity and strictly follow the rules. Also, owners of a blue aura always have a large number of friends, which is due to their ability to attract people to themselves.

But they are also characterized by sharp, sudden and strong mood swings. So it can be difficult for friends and family to deal with them. Although it is not as difficult as when the owners of the "blue" aura find a sudden desire to start teaching others about life.

Violet aura (number 7)

purple aura photo
photo: freepik

People with a purple aura (they are quite rare) are distinguished by a rich spiritual world and good intuition, which sometimes borders on clairvoyance. They also have developed creative abilities, which is why there are many outstanding actors and writers among the owners of purple aura. Also, they are always very delicate and tactful when communicating with others.

However, incredibly developed spiritual qualities are "compensated" by rather weak "physics". Therefore, such people often get sick, easily overexert themselves and have a hard time enduring stress and discomfort.

Pink aura (number 8)

Pink color is a symbol of tenderness and sensuality. These qualities can be fully attributed to people with a pink aura. They are ready to selflessly help people and are distinguished by their sincerity and kindness. In addition, owners of a pink aura can be called real workaholics. They always finish what they started and do it very responsibly.

The main shortcomings of people whose aura color is pink are excessive stubbornness and self-confidence. They often take risks when it is better to avoid them. And despite their outstanding mental qualities, they often provoke conflicts.

Bronze aura (number 9)

Bronze is the color of humanism and self-sacrifice. People whose aura has this color are caring and gentle, but at the same time they are very determined and optimistic. They will always come to your aid, even if it does not benefit them. Also, people with a bronze aura are independent of the opinion of others - when making decisions, they are guided only by their own judgment.

However, independence from other people's opinion in people whose aura color is bronze is often combined with low self-esteem. Plus, they are too self-critical, cautious, slow and vulnerable.

Silver aura (number 11)

People with a silver aura can without exaggeration be called real dreamers and fantasists. They are often immersed in thoughts about the future, constantly invent interesting stories and share them with others. Being in the company of such people is a pleasure, because you will definitely not be sad. In addition, they are very honest, trustworthy and noble.

And their main drawback is, of course, some detachment from the real world. Unfortunately, he is much more boring than they imagine in their dreams. And those who inhabit it, too. Therefore, people whose aura color is silver are also practically not interested in other people's problems.

Golden aura (number 22)

golden aura photo

Golden color is a symbol of infinity. People with a golden aura can be called natural leaders. Due to their very strong energy, they attract a large number of like-minded people. At the same time, they are always lucky in any endeavors. Owners of a golden aura always achieve their intended goals and easily implement the most complex ideas.

This is a very rare color of a person's aura, which is almost impossible to develop in the course of life. And the only drawback of such people is the tendency to scatter at once on everything they can. That is why they are often so in nothing really and cannot achieve success, despite all their potential.

What can be added

Unfortunately, there are no perfect people. Everyone has both strengths and weaknesses. And we didn't list both of them just like that. After all, knowing about your potential flaws, it is much easier to deal with them. Which is quite real, because the color of your aura at birth can be changed to a great extent through introspection, meditation, and serious work on yourself and your flaws. Because nothing is impossible for a purposeful person!

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